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Pics Braai'n





About Trafalgar


Latitude 30° 58' 0 S  Longitude 30° 18' 0 E

Time zone GMT+2

Approximate population - 3513

According to folklore, the original land was purchased from a relative of Viscount Horatio Nelson.  Today, roads bearing the names of famous English seamen are daily reminders of the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar. The village celebrates Nelson Day annually and its 200th anniversary was a big event in 2005.

The Trafalgar Marine Reserve is spectacular and contains 90 million year old fossil beds.  In clear conditions an underwater reef provides an exciting snorkelling experience.  Just a few kilometres to the south, the Mpenjati River mouth and lagoon are part of a 66 ha nature reserve protecting the unspoilt beach and dune forests. 

Things to do

Mpenjati Nature Reserve (on your doorstep!)

This is a lush coastal reserve bordering Trafalgar and Palm Beach. Its wetlands, dune forests and grasslands, trails and beautiful lagoon with picnic spots provide an opportunity to view forest antelope. The cry of nesting fish eagles makes for a memorable visit.  

Golf courses

Trafalgar is surrounded by world class golf courses within a 15 minute drive. To the north are Margate, Southbroom and San Lameer - and to the south are Port Edward and the Wild Coast Sun. 

Wild Coast Waterworld

Located on the banks of the Umtamvuna River, within the Wild Coast Sun complex, one can enjoy scenic river cruises daily. Meander gently down the river, gin and tonic in hand, or laze on the lawns with an ice-cream! Also available are various watersports and one can hire watersport equipment or enjoy a waterski on the river. 039 3053024

Umtamvuna Gorge and Nature Reserve

Umtamvuna Gorge and Nature Reserve is a botanical paradise set along a stretch of riverine forest bordered by steep rocky cliffs, with the Umtamvuna River running along its border. Day visitors can enjoy the panoramic vistas of the gorge and river from the sheltered picnic sites or the gorge viewing deck within the Nature Reserve.

The Reserve is close to Port Edward on the border with the Wild Coast and extends 20- kilometres inland. Hiking trails - between 500-metres and 12- kilometres in length - give access to ancient trees and an almost overwhelming array of rare plants, seldom-seen birds and timid little animals. 039 311 2383

Lake Eland Game Reserve

Lake Eland Game Reserve offers visitors the unique opportunity of viewing animals as diverse as giraffe, blue duiker, herds of zebra, wildebeest, eland, shy mountain reedbuck and the elusive bushbuck in close proximity. It is also a birder's dream with more than 200 species identified to date.

Take a breathtaking walk across the suspension bridge above the treetops to the Eagles Nest View Sight with majestic views of the Oribi Gorge . 039 687 0395

Skyline Nature Reserve

The Skyline Nature Reserve between Uvongo and Margate offers self-guided trails, indigenous and exotic trees and plants, duiker and bushbuck. Ideal for day visits. 039 315 0122

Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve

The Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve, 22 km inland from Port Shepstone, is a popular weekend or day-excursion destination. High sandstone cliffs dominate the 24 km long gorge carved by the Umzumkulwana River. Self-guided trails reveal an array of antelope and birds. 039 313 0531

Crags View Wild Care Centre

Crags Wild Care Centre inland from Port Edward rehabilitates and release back into the wild many animals that have sustained injuries and stress due to human influence as well as orphaned animals and birds. Patients include antelope, from the protected blue duiker to bushbuck, as well as a large variety of birds and small mammals indigenous to the region. Visits by prior appointment only. Appointments can be accommodated at 10:00 daily Mondays to Sundays. 039 311 2488

Helene's Art Studio

Helene Bruce-Webster, an international artist, paints in all mediums, including abstract. She exhibits and works from her beautiful garden art studio and gallery in Trafalgar. She also demonstrates painting techniques and gives classes. 039 313 0686

Beaver Creek Coffee Farm

Experience the world of coffee - visit the Beaver Creek Coffee Estate and Café close to Port Edward. Beaver Creek offers visitors a daily "Crop to Cup" tours which outline the character and skills that create the perfect cup. Bookings essential . 039 311 2315

Riverbend Crocodile Farm

Visit Riverbend Crocodile Farm's spine-chilling individuals! The farm is on the old road from Southbroom to Ramsgate - approximately 2 km from the traffic lights on the N2.

As well as crocodiles, Riverbend is also famous for its farm stall and curio shop. The Riverbend Art Gallery has established itself as one of the best art outlets on the South Coast. The Crocpot Restaurant/Café is a family restaurant that offers light lunches and has become famous for its croc delicacies. 039 316 6204




Casa Toscana

Authentic Tuscan cuisine, Wonderful views. 039 3130058


International standards. Excellent menu. Cosy ambience. 039 3144370


Casual dining. Located on the beachfront.  039 3130448


Seafood on the deck overlooking the lagoon and the beach. 039 3166151


…and many more…..